ponedjeljak, 19. studenoga 2012.

Marko Tolja video shooting

I spent my whole weekend shooting and organizing video for Marko Tolja. I was very happy when I found out that he wanted us to do the video for his new song... mainly because I'm a huge fan of his work. He is definitely one of the most talented and stylish Croatian singers. We decided to go with a funny story and pin up girls, so I call for a help my beautiful friends!

Theme was rockabilly... tattoos, piercings and crazy hairstyles were more than welcome. We also needed a sexy dancer, and who colud do it better than a beautiful Nea Dune ?

I won't reveal the whole story, but I can tell you this..Marko was a real gentleman, he took me on a ride with a 1961s oldtimer ...Greta on a nice dinner, and Dusty on a fancy movie premier.


We had a great team working on this video.. I must say my man did a great job with frames and lighting!
I wanna thank everybody who helped: girls : Dusty, Miss Boo, Marija, Iva, Xtina, Greta,  Viktorija & Petra.  Nea Dune for her sexy dance...Toni for photos and Stipan Dizdar for just being himself :)
There is nothing better than working with my love and learning from him, so thank you baby for letting me put my ideas and girls into this. Can't wait to see the results.


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